Beer Sommelier

Beer Sommelier

Target of the Beer Sommelier Course

To enable the student to act as a beer sommelier, performing the duties of the
occupation in an ethical way, acting in the commercialization and orientation of
the beers. The course approaches several aspects such as guided tasting, beer
and food pairing, beer serving and notions on alcoholic beverages in general.

Profession and field of activity:

To know and evaluate different styles of beer through their technical
specifications and sensorial analysis;
To master tasting techniques and identifying their organoleptic characteristics;
To know how to interpret and guide the type of beer;
To efficiently execute the serving of beer and other beverages;
To elaborate beer menus and organize stocks;
To recognize and evaluate beers from all producing regions;
To understand and execute the rules of pairing of food/beer/other beverages;
To recognize other alcoholic beverages, their characteristics and their pairing
with food;
To know the other beverages served at bars and restaurants, including
infusions and cocktails.

Target public

The course is ideal for beer lovers, brewers, waiters, wine professionals,
gastronomers, influencers, tasters, commerce professionals and enthusiasts
who wish to increase their technical knowledge of beer and become a beer


Minimum age: 18 years old;
Minimum graduation: High School level

Discipline Syllabus:

Introduction to the history of Beer;

Rediscovery of the craft beer: The ‘Craft Beer Renaissance’ and ‘Beautiful Beer’
movements; milling and malts, wort and water, boiling and hops, fermentation
and yeast, ageing and bottling;
Types of fermentation: Ale, Lager and spontaneous fermentation beers;
Tasting techniques;
General beverages: coffee, wine, distilled spirits, among others;
Bases of gastronomy;
80 different tastings;
Sensorial management with the main attributes of beer: diacetyl, paper, isoamyl
acetate (banana), DMS, acetic, caprylic, among others.


In order for the students to be effectively approved as a full-fledged beer
sommelier, they must achieve a minimum grade of 7,0, equivalent to the
concept C. (Concept A = 9,0 - 10,0 | Concept B = 8,0 - 8,9 | Concept C = 7,0 -
7,9 | Concept D = Insufficient). The Science of Beer Institute does not do make
up or recuperation tests.

Emission of the Certificate of Conclusion:

The student who has a minimum attendance of 75% and a minimum grade of
7,0 will receive a certificate of conclusion of the course as long as they do not
have any pendency, be it academic (subjects) nor financial or administrative


Guide of Styles
Tasting notebook

Course load:

DURATION: 4 monthly meetings
PERIOD: mornings and afternoons
Saturdays: 9:00am to 6:30pm
Sundays: 9:00am to 6:30pm

Course load - Intensive Course

DURATION: 8 consecutive days
PERIOD: mornings and afternoons
Saturdays: 9:00am to 6:30pm

Sundays: 9:00am to 6:30pm

Evaluation type:

Blindfolded practice
Beer-judging practice (filling up an evaluation sheet)


By the course’s initiative: The course reserves the right to be cancelled in case
a minimum number of spots is not filled. By the student’s initiative: After
confirming the enrollment, the student will be entitled to only the refund of the
amount of the course paid, with the discount of the bank and enrollment fees.
The student will be able to quit the course up to the first Sunday of class with
the refund of 50% of the paid amount, with the discount of the bank and
enrollment fees.

Approximately 80 labels de 70 different styles.


In cash with discount = R$3.890,00
In installments = R$4100,00
1st option - In up to 5 installments via ban invoice
2nd option - in up to 10 instalments on credit card